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Wolf captured near tourist part of Great Wall

BEIJING (Reuters) – A wolf has been captured by forestry workers near a part of China's Great Wall close to Beijing which is popular with tourists, state media said on Thursday.

The wolf is being kept at a nature park and will be released in uninhabited mountains far from the Wall, Xinhua news agency said.

It was captured close to the Badaling section, it said, a restored part of the Wall many tour groups visit.

Sightings of the wolf prior to its capture had caused "widespread fear," the report said.

"We were certain the wolf was alone. Probably it left its companions to search for food," Xinhua quoted a forestry worker as saying.

"We wouldn't have interfered had it been seen in a remote place," he said. "But this time we cannot put the safety of the Great Wall visitors at risk."

While wolves are believed to have vanished from the Beijing area in the 1950s, about 20 are still thought to live in the mountains to the north of the city, Xinhua said.

(Reporting by Ben Blanchard; Editing by Sugita Katyal)

Roleplaying Books For Sale

Ok I have a lot of roleplaying books that I would like to get rid of. Most of these are White Wolf based.

3rd Edition Vampire the Masquerade

1. Practically all the clan books.
2. Core book
3. Collectors edition of the camarilla and sabbat guide books
4. Midnight Seige
5. Nights of Prophecy
6. Blood-Dimmed Tides
7. Cairo By Night
8. Guide to the Anarchs
9. Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom
10. Ghouls: Fatal Attraction
11. Storytellers Companion
12. Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy
13. Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion
14. Giovanni Saga 1

Dark Ages
1. Core Book
2. Veil of Night
3. Dark Age clan books 3 & 4
4. Dark Ages Companion
5. Book of Storyteller Secrets
6. Plus a few others

I also have some second edition clan books and players guide. I have the Hunter: The Reckoning core book plus like around 7-10 supplement books for that game.

I also have a few other books for other games that I can't recall, but the balk is listed above.

I am trying to sell these as soon as possible. If you want them just reply back and tell me your best offer.

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Wolves to be removed from species list

The wolf will be formally removed from the endangered species list 30 days after the federal government's decision is published in the Federal Register, which is expected next week.

Meanwhile, wildlife agencies in the three states have already begun crafting rules for wolf hunts. Officials say the hunts will be similar to those for other big game species such as mountain lions and black bears.

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Starting Up Again

Ok people here's what's going on. I want to start up the game again. From everything that people have been telling me, they want to start up the game again. So guess what, we're starting up the Gosh Darned game again! I would like to do it on either Wednesday or Thursday nights. If everyone would be so kind as to actually get back to me on this I'd appreciate it. For those of us who have an LJ, but know people w/o one, TELL THEM ABOUT THIS POST FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S HOLY!!! aka post to to My Space, call people, send text messages I don't care. Thank you.
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Sex-change chemicals in Potomac

The Potomac runs through the US capital, Washington DC
An investigation into the cleanliness of rivers feeding Washington's Potomac River has revealed the presence of sex-changing chemicals.
Pollutants which contain the chemicals, known as endocrine disrupters, were found in several tributaries and in the smallmouth bass fish living within.

The US Geological Survey (USGS) study followed the discovery of high numbers of intersex fish in the Potomac basin.

Endocrine disrupters can mimic or block hormones in the body.

Either naturally occurring or man-made, they can interfere with the endocrine system causing birth defects and reproductive irregularities.

The Potomac River is fed by rivers and streams in Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia.

All samples contained detectable levels of at least one known endocrine-disrupting compound, including samples from fish without intersex

Douglas Chambers, USGS scientist
The USGS investigators found pesticides, flame retardants, and personal-care products containing known or suspected endocrine disruptors in all eight sites that were tested.

The chemicals were also found in all of the smallmouth bass examined by the team.

"We analysed samples of 30 smallmouth bass from six sites, including male and female fish without intersex and male fish with intersex," lead scientist Douglas Chambers said.

"All samples contained detectable levels of at least one known endocrine-disrupting compound, including samples from fish without intersex."

Looking for cause

In an effort to pinpoint the source of the pollution the scientists studied wastewater and run-off from several sites.

They discovered that wastewater effluent - both treated and untreated - agricultural and pest control activities and industrial wastewater all contributed to the problem.

Of particular concern was municipal effluent, which contained a cocktail of at least seven compounds containing endocrine disruptors.

"Antibiotics were detected in municipal wastewater, aquaculture, and poultry-processing effluent, with the highest number of antibiotics and the greatest concentrations found in municipal effluent," the USGS wrote in its report.

The discovery that there were high numbers of intersex fish present in the Potomac basin was made by accident in 2003, when scientists began investigating unusually high numbers of fish deaths.